ProTherm C30 is strong, durable and easy to install. Specifically designed to provide a cost effective, lightweight roof and wall solution for protection and insulation of many buildings

The steel faced insulated panel consists of a trapezoidal external skin with a leathergrain plastisol finish giving the weather face long term durability. The bright white steel liner finish to the internal skin offers both additional strength and a clean and reflective interior.

ProTherm C30 benefits include:

  • Superior 200 micron plastisol external face

  • Bright white steel internal liner

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Cost effective roof and wall cladding solution

  • Low maintenance

  • LPCB fire approved 30mm PIR core

  • Reaction to fire classification: B s2 d0 (internal face)

  • Insulation U-Value of 0.58 W/m²·K

ProTherm C 30 product options:

Stock Lengths: 4.3m, 5.5m & 6.7m
Stock Colours: Anthracite & Olive Green
Insulation cutback: 75mm

Colour Range:

Anthracite Olive Green
Anthracite Olive Green
Note: Colours are for guidance only, we have made every effort to match the colours above, however, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match

ProTherm C30 Profile

Cut Back

ProTherm C30 Span/Load Tables

Safe imposed (positive) loads (kN/m2)

Span (m) 1.20 1.40 1.60 1.80 2.00 2.20 2.40 2.60 2.80 3.00 3.20
Single Span 2.87 2.32 1.92 1.62 1.38 1.19 0.97 0.76 0.59 0.47 0.35
Double Span 2.87 2.17 1.71 1.38 1.14 0.96 0.82 0.71 0.51 0.35 0.24
Multi Span 2.87 2.32 1.92 1.60 1.32 1.12 0.96 0.83 0.65 0.47 0.32


Safe wind suction (negative) loads (kN/m2)

Span (m) 1.20 1.40 1.60 1.80 2.00 2.20 2.40 2.60 2.80 3.00 3.20
Single Span -3.00 -2.46 -1.94 -1.47 -1.16 -0.94 -0.78 -0.66 -0.57 -0.50 -0.44
Double Span -2.92 -2.23 -1.78 -1.47 -1.16 -0.94 -0.78 -0.66 -0.57 -0.50 -0.44
Multi Span -3.00 -2.46 -1.94 -1.47 -1.16 -0.94 -0.78 -0.66 -0.57 -0.50 -0.44

The span tables have been created in accordance with BS EN 14509
The values are based on a 2.0mm minimum purlin thickness, and a maximum permitted cladding deflection of span/200 under imposed load


Protherm c30 is a through fixed roof and wall sheet, which can be used for suitable building applications, where the roof slope is 8° or more and vertical only on a wall. Buildings with no heat may need to be ventilated. Protherm C30 steel faced insulated sheets are suitable to be fixed to cold rolled, hot rolled and timber purlins. However when fixing to treated timber purlins an EPDM barrier must be used to prevent any reaction between the treatment and the steel liner of the sheets.

SIDE LAP                                             
All external side laps to be weather sealed along the full length by an unbroken bead of 6mmx5mm thick butyl rubber sealant tape.

END LAP                                                                                       
All external end laps to be weather sealed along the full width using two unbroken runs of 6mmx5mm thick butyl rubber sealant tape. End Laps to be tail stitched at each crown location 50mm upslope from end-lap. Please refer to End Lap Detail.

Where flashings are fixed across the profile of the insulated panel, EPDM faced closed cell polyethylene foam fillers should be used to seal and close the profile. Seal the top, bottom and sides of each profiled filler with non-curing gun-grade sealant.


  • Primary                                               
    All primary fasteners must be the high threaded type manufactured from carbon steel, anti-corrosion coated, and fitted with a 19mm diameter bonded stainless steel washer.
    All fasteners to be located through every crown of the profile i.e. three fixings per panel per purlin.
  • Secondary                                             
    Side laps and flashings to be stitched at 450mm centres (maximum) with carbon steel stitching screws, complete with 14mm diameter bonded stainless steel washers.

All fasteners should be from an approved manufacturer

Rooflights can be used as part of the Protherm C30 steel faced insulated sheet system and must be installed in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Protherm C30 steel faced insulated sheets are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, complying with ISO9001 standard, ensuring long term reliability and service life.

All deliveries (unless indicated otherwise) are by road transport to project site. Offloading is the responsibility of the client.

A range of insulated panels are available to order in a verity of thicknesses, lengths and colours depending on order size. Please contact or sales team for more details on (056) 7722 485 or email